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Access Fittings

Welcome to world-class access-fittings suppliers from India

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  • World class access fittings from India



The range of access fittings from Crystal Industrial Syndicate

Crystal Industrial High Pressure Retrievable system provides access to a fluid pipe line or a process system under full operating conditions. It is capable of operating at pressures up to 450 bar or 6,000 psi . This system eliminates the need to shutdown the normal operations to obtain the important corrosion data or to provide the access of injection quills or nozzles for introducing corrosion inhibitors or other chemicals. Key system components are:

  1. Access fitting
  2. Solid Plug
  3. Service Valve
  4. Retrieving Tool


Principle of Operation

Access is gained to the fluid Pipe line or process system by attaching a Crystal Industrial Access Fitting. Many connection options (welded, NPT thread, flanged) are available. Once the fitting is attached and a hole is drilled through the pipe/vessel wall using the drilling machine, a plug is inserted into the fitting to seal the system. Plug can be attached with a variety of corrosion monitoring equipment, such as: coupon holders, probes or injection quills. The monitoring device can be removed for servicing or replacement at any time with the use of a Crystal Industrial Service Valve and Retrieving Tool. To access the monitoring device without process stoppage, a service valve and retrieving tool are attached to the access fitting. Once pressure equalisation between the line and the service valve/retriever has been achieved, the retrieving tool is used to withdraw the plug and monitoring equipment past the valve, which is then closed to maintain line pressure. The pressure in the retrieving tool is released, allowing it to be removed from the service valve, and the plug and monitoring equipment can be detached to complete the respective activity.


Access Fittings
Access Fittings can be divided into two categories: Tee and Non-Tee. The more commonly used non-tee style fittings typically hold monitoring equipment such as corrosion coupons,Corrosion probes and injection nozzles

Crystal access fittings conform to NACE MR-01-75 Sour Service Specification.


Solid Plugs and Service Valves
Solid Plugs are made from different material of construction including Inconel 625, Hastelloy, Copper, Stainless Steel etc and Service Valves too are made in different construction.


Retrievable Tool
Crystal's unique and easy to operate retrievable Tool is effective way for operating the access fittings and are generally versatile to be used for the fittings manufactured by other companies too.




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